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Laura is an award-winning independent artist from Melbourne, Australia. Her work is seen on television, games, album covers and commercials.
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Upcoming installation

I’m proud to announce a group exhibition I’m part of for the full month of September. I’m showing my work at the Oakwood branch of the Toronto Public Library along with Dara Gold and Hilary Leung.  I’m so happy to exhibit with these two very talented individuals, be sure to check out their work.


library01library03 library04



New series – ‘Freaks’

My new series is complete.  These pieces are ink transfer on pine. I showed these at the Annex Patio Art Show on the weekend and got some laughs!


freaks03 freaks02 Freaks01 freaks04 freaks05 freaks06 freaks07 freaks08



Art in the streets this weekend

If you are in Toronto this weekend, come for an art filled stroll through the Annex for the annual Patio Art Show. I will be exhibiting my new series of work among many many talent artists in the streets of my favourite Toronto neighbourhood.

The show will be along the store fronts along Bloor Street from Bathurst to Spadina.  We’ll be there from 10am-5pm Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 of July.



Interview with Fragmentalist

I was interviewed by the lovely Natalie Jubb for the Canadian art blog, Fragmentalist. I’m honored to be one of this wonderful site’s Canadian Feature Artists.

Read my interview here, and make sure to check out all of the artists and info on this site.



Work in progress

Some photos of the progress on my latest series. I’m currently working with pen and ink, then later I’ll be transferring these to wood.





Street art in Melbourne

Last week I visited my home town of Melbourne, Australia, and left a few things behind.


sticker_aus_01 sticker_aus_02 sticker_cat



Work with the Mission Project

I was recently asked to create some illustrations for the fabulous Toronto production, Visitations at the Drake Hotel created by The Mission Project. The performance is a multi-layered interactive performance with mysteries that expand to the online space.  I created these sample pages from the gruesome picture book, ‘The Enchantment of Wiggles’.  It was an honour to create part of this creepy world.

Words by Niki Chaplin.


Wiggles_Title Wiggles_Page 1 Wiggles_Page 2 Wiggles_Page 3





Hated by birds

Here’s a recent piece I recently sold at By the Pound . The phrase ‘Though I am hated by all birds, I nevertheless rather enjoy that’ comes from a 16th Century Hungarian shield that is on display at the Met in New York. I thought the phrase was so strange and wonderful, it inspired this piece. I wonder what the birds had against that Hungarian.  This piece is made using ink transfer, and the wood was laser cut to the shape of my illustrations.


hated by birds

hated 02



The 5 Minute Project

The 5 Minute Project asked for artists to draw portraits drawn in just five minutes.. I scribbled out this one of my newest roommate, Marvin. Five minutes sure goes fast. Check out all the quick and dirty (and stunning) portraits here.






More monster mischeif

Happy new year!  This little boy and his monster roommate have been up to some more adventures over the holidays.  My latest creation –  set of four prints.


4 monsters




Avant Card

If you are Australian, and if you are inclined to sip a latte now and then, you are no doubt familiar with Avant Card, the free postcards that are in those little stands in restaurants and cafes. Recently Avant Card asked me to create a card just for them. The cards are in print right now, so look out for them on those little stands. Alternatively, you can send it as an e-card, here.





Canadian Screen award nomination

A new project I worked on for Chocolate Liberation Front in Toronto has been nominated a Canadian Screen Award for Best Cross-Platform Project! This project is a companion to Titanic, the Julian Fellowes miniseries . I was the lead designer on the project, and also created backgrounds for the experience and illustrated portraits of some of the passengers. You can view the site here, and the app is available on iTunes.





By the Pound Exhibition

I’ve got a few pieces in this fun new exhibition at Goodfellas Gallery in Toronto, where the art is sold by weight. I’m told it costs $100 per pound. My pieces are on pine and birch, so I’ll be curious to see how much they cost. It’s a great idea.  The opening is on December 06, details here. Hope to see you there!


There was a little story about it on Global TV this week, watch it here.



Upcoming Exhibition – ‘Home’

Before you go home for Christmas, come to ‘Home’! Another warm and cosy art show at the gorgeous Elephant Shoes in Toronto, featuring seven new works from me as well as a great big red room full of amazing work by very talented Canadian artists. From December 1st.




Work in Progress

I have two art shows coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share some process pictures with you.  A few different pieces here, using different mediums, but as you can see I always start with fine pen on paper.


01b 03c 03f01f 01g



Exhibition – From the heart

Just wanted to share some photos from the From the Heart show at Elephant Shoes last week. I’m so honoured to have exhibited with many other talented artists, and to everyone who attended. Many thanks!

A big thank you to our photographer, Janice Tsui.


From the heart01

From the heart02

From the heart03

Artwork by Madelaine Lyons Cooper

From the heart04



Exhibition this week

I’m very proud to be part of ‘From the Heart’ at Elephant Shoes, October 9 -14.  Come on down to Bloor West and check out works by eight local Toronto artists.  Reception this Friday.



A Day in the Park

Here are some new illustrations I’ve just finished.  They’re both illustrated in pen and ink, and coloured digitally. The backgrounds are inspired by the gorgeous work of Joan Walsh Anglund.


squirrels_blog peacocks_blog




Wisdom of Wonka

Here are some new hand lettering pieces I just finished for an exhibition.
I used the same ink technique I’ve done a couple of times before, and this time experimented with resin to give them that delicious glossy sheen.


wonka02 wonka01